Who We Are

Who We Are
Summit Water Distribution Company was established in 1979 by visionaries who foresaw the growth and development that would take place in Park City and the Snyderville Basin in the coming years. It was a private venture that began with the end in mind. Infrastructure was constructed as a long term investment in the future.
The company’s humble beginnings consisted of one full time employee and three unpaid Board Members. The original assets of the company consisted of one working well and four miles of distribution main lines. Today the company has grown exponentially to serve the needs of its shareholders.
Summit Water, as a non-profit entity, provides very effective service from nine full time employees and a still unpaid Board of Directors of seven members. High quality, low cost water is provided to our shareholders with ten wells, one spring, and a water treatment plant. Storage has grown from one million gallons to 9 reservoirs totaling 5.2 million gallons.
We have a highly trained staff of operators totaling 7 individuals with over 100 years experience.
The guiding principal of Summit Water is to provide high quality water at a fair and reasonable price. We continually exceed mandates for clean water across the full spectrum of testing required by the EPA and the State of Utah.