Fire Hydrant Ordinance

Please remember each property owner that is adjacent to, or across the street from a fire hydrant is responsible for making sure that the snow is cleared from the hydrant sufficient to provide ready access to emergency personnel. The Summit County Ordinance requires that snow be removed from an area of three (3) feet surrounding the base of the hydrant. Please visit our website for additional information.

What is a Curb Stop Box (CSB)?

The curb stop box is the tube that allows access to your home’s external shut off valve. It is located in your yard where your service line connects to the  Summit Water Distribution Company main line. The top lid should be at grade level. This valve is used to shut off water to your home in the case of an emergency and must be accessible and protected from damage. There should be no large trees or shrubs planted near this valve.  This valve is also the point of change of responsibility. Any problem after this valve is the responsibility of the homeowner.  Please contact our office 435-649-7324 if you have any questions.  For additional information about the water equipment at your home, please click here.